Mada Consult has extensive experience from forestry and reforestation in Madagascar. We have planted and thinned large forest fields, and seeded and grown plants in our own nurseries. The thinning is used for building material, firewood and coal. Everything is utilized as resources locally. Also worth mentioning is our 26 000 da in Tsaramandroso Forest Station that we manage sustainable and on a renewable agreement. We also have plans for additional planting this year.

The common denominator for our business is that it creates growth and progress, and a large number of long term jobs both locally and further out in the value chain. Through competence and experience from forestry in Europe and in Madagascar we succeed with our projects - and we do sustainable forestry together with the local communities.

In this section of the website we will publish and update with info and images from our forestry and forest management projects.
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Amongst other pictures, here you see can thinning and thousands of khaya senegalensis growing nicely in the comfort of our nurseries. PICTURES
Learn about our 25 year management agreement of Tsaramandroso Forest Station HERE

Have a look at the amazing growth of some of the tree species we have planted. PICTURES
The fruits of many years of hard work is clearly present in the images showing one of our fields before and after planting. The bird perspective reveals our forests continously growing and stretching into the horizon,  thereby adding value in many aspects.

Top picture is from 2010 planting season, the below picture show the now stripe-thinned forest.
Plants for a green sustainable  future

Plants for a green sustainable  future

Lemurs are returning as a result of our reforestation projects.

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