This july we started the construction of the fourth Grieg Foundation-financed school. The brick is being produced locally and the project consist of the main building holding 400 students, two toilet buildings, teachers housing, library, cantina and two wells.

We will keep this page updated with info & images on the progress towards the school opening in november.

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Strength testing locally procduced brick.

The first batch of bricks are ready for building.

A significant part of our quality system: verifying dimensions of stone delivered to the site.

The area is prepared for septic tanks.

Bricks in production while the buildings rise in the background.

Toilets under construction. These are completed in just about two weeks.

A small delay in the construction of the library while more bricks are being cured.

Well nr 1 og 2 is soon ready. Lids will be casted and lockable hatches mounted.

The pile of bricks are getting bigger by the hour.

50 student desks recently arrived the build site.

The school building is starting to shape.

Doors and windows has been delivered and the progress on the build site is satisfactory.

A tree is fighting for its right to exist on a small oasis of soil in this eroded landscape.

Plants for a green sustainable  future

Plants for a green sustainable  future